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Care instructions

Small - £30   (3 macarons)

Standard - £40   (5 macarons)

Large - from £55   (10 macarons)

Luxury* - £80 (10 macarons )

​*inc Orchids/Calla Lilies/Roses only/tropical flowers

  • Enjoy your yummy macarons first! Feel free to share them with your loved ones. Don’t delay too long though, they only last a week and must be kept refrigerated.
  • Set the box down somewhere cosy - away from fruit, radiators and bright light.
  • Pour a tad bit of water into the centre of the arrangement. When the foam has absorbed it, repeat one more time. There, your flowers are happy for today- make sure to do this daily! 

Add a cupcake instead of macarons

Gift boxes with Fresh flowers and Macarons